Sounds like "Creep" to me.

Radiohead is suing Lana Del Rey for allegedly copying the band's 1993 hit "Creep." Del Rey recently tweeted that it's true about the lawsuit, but claims her song "Get Free" wasn't inspired by the Radiohead song off the band's album "Pablo Honey." Del Rey says she offered Radiohead up to 40 percent of the publishing but the band won't accept anything less than 100 percent. Del Rey says the matter will be dealt with in court.

But here's the twist.  Radiohead admitted "Creep" was inspired by The Hollies song, "The Air That I Breathe".  That was written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood...and THEY sued for copyright infringement.  Now, Radioheads liner notes credit Hammond and Hazlewood as co-writers, and they split royalties with the band.