New/old music from Yes, a Pearl Jam Suite in Seattle and more...

If you’re still trying to get back all that great vinyl you purged years ago (like I am)…Yes is about to release remixes of five of their albums for their 50th anniversary!  “The Yes Album”, “Fragile”, “Close to the Edge”, “Tales from Topographic Oceans” and “Relayer” are on the Steven Wilson Remixes…out June 29th!

A countdown clock on the GNR website has fans wondering what the hey is gonna happen when the clock strikes midnight.  It says “DESTRUCTION IS COMING”…But what does it mean?  A re-release of the album, which is turning 30?  A tour with all the original members?

They already have a Beatles Suite, and now The Edgewater in Seattle is renting out Pearl Jam themed room full of authentic concert memorabilia, and in room guitar, amp and record player.  Through August tenth, in partnership with the bands Vitalogy Foundation, they’ll donate 10% of the $500 a night fee to help fight homelessness in Seattle.

A Perfect Circle is being credited with making their first album in 14 years the world's first holographic album. The deluxe box set edition of the group's just-released album "Eat the Elephant" includes a special card with instructions on how to access the feature via a prism, also included in the box. The prism, when placed on a smartphone, generates a holographic accompaniment to the album. Meanwhile, the original version of "Eat the Elephant" debuted at number three on the album sales charts.

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