Freddie Mercury's reaction to a blatant rip-off of one of their songs?

A line of hand-sculpted bobble-heads inspired by The Grateful Dead will soon be sold by Kollectico.

Steven Tyler’s documentary, Out on a Limb, is out.  He suggests holding out for the X-rated version next year.  Lol

Freddie Mercury’s assistant remembers the way he reacted the first time he heard Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”.  She says he was eating breakfast when the song came on, thought it was “Under Pressure”, and when he realized it wasn’t the Queen song he stopped eating…frowned…and then grinned in a way that said he couldn’t believe it was a blatant rip-off.  He seemed content to lets the bands manager and lawyers take care of it. 

Jeff Beck says he’s surprised at some of the nice things Eric Clapton had to say about him in a new documentary, because he always felt there was an uncomfortable rivalry between him and Clapton.  Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Ronnie Wood and Slash also show up in “Still on the Run:  The Jeff Beck Story”.

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