New from Judas Priest, coming soon from Deep Purple, and more.

Judas Priest is still kicking it out.  They released the video to their new song yesterday.  The latest from the album "Firepower".  

Seven Deep Purple albums from the ‘70s -- Machine Head, Who Do We Think We Are?, Burn, Stormbringer, Come Taste the Band, Made in Japan, Made in Europe and Last Concert in Japan -- will be reissued on 180-gram purple vinyl on September 7th.

David Crosby said “Horrible idea” in reply to a Twitter question about listening to Yoko Ono's greatest-hits album.  That made me laugh so hard!  

 Billy Joel has no plans to go on a farewell tour, but if he were, he knows just for how he'd stage it.  He tells, "The stage is a living-room set: couch, TV, coffee table, food. And there’s bulletproof glass between me and the audience. Then I come out and lay down on the couch. I grab the remote and start watching TV. The crowd after a couple minutes goes, '[Screw] this,' and starts throwing [crap] at the glass... I created a bond between myself and the audience where I know they will never pay another nickel to see me again."

Asked about his current run of shows, he says, "There have been times when I’ve felt these are my last shows; it’s time for me to get off the bleeding stage. Then I just thought, nah, [because] I have the greatest job in the world. You get up there, you make a lot of noise, girls scream, and you get boatloads of money. Are you kidding me?"


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