Michigan Man Brings His Camel Into PetSmart


The owner of Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo, which is located just outside of Muskegon, Michigan, decided to bring his camel, Jeffrey, to a local PetSmart. Scott Lewis says that it wasn't just a social visit for Jeffrey, it was meant to help the 11-year-old, 1,400-pound camel get accustomed to traveling in his trailer.

Lewis cleared the visit with the store before arriving, and the customers and employees enjoyed meeting Jeffrey and posing for photos as they hung out with the friendly camel.

"We knew he loved people and thought PetSmart would be a great place to practice," said Jenny Ferels, Brand Ambassador at Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo. "The managers agreed and off we went."

PetSmart wasn't the only place Jeffrey got to visit during his excursion. The zoo shared photos of Jeffery hanging out at other businesses and landmarks around the city.



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