Geddy Lee picks songs that impacted his playing.

Geddy Leesays five specific songs had a big impact on his bass playing.

He tells Rolling Stone they are:

The Who - “My Generation”

"Seriously? A pop song with bass solos?John Entwistlewas arguably the greatest rock bassist of them all, daring to take the role and sound of the bass guitar and push it out of the murky depths while strutting those amazing chops with his own kind of 'Twang!' His playing was bold and incredibly dexterous. That right hand … Seriously?"

Cream - “Crossroads” (Live):

"This is a classic and hugely influential rock/blues jam. Having seenJack Bruceroam wildly up and down the neck of his Gibson EB3 in concert, I can testify that it not only made me want to play bass but play bass in a rock trio. And the other two guys in Cream weren’t so bad either."

Led Zeppelin - “What Is and What Should Never Be”:

"There are so many songs I could choose from Zep that feature profound but understated bass playing, but this one is my fave. The wayJohn Paul Joneschanges gear, holds down the heavy bottom and adds terrific melody throughout the song. He is such a fluid player and all-round musical talent."

Yes - “Roundabout”:

"Another hit song driven by an outrageously complex and rockin’ bass line. I could have chosen any one of a dozen Yes songs that shows off the melodic and rhythmic genius that wasChris Squire. It was a pure privilege to play this song with Yes in 2017 at their (long overdue) induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Weather Report - “Teen Town”:

"Sadly, many of the bass heroes on this very short list are no longer with us. But no matter how short the list,Jaco Pastorius’s name would have to be on it. Written by Jaco during his time with Weather Report for the iconicHeavy Weatheralbum, 'Teen Town' has everything that Jaco’s genius stood for: profound complexity, incredible melodic structure and terrific groove. Watching him perform this live was truly an inspiring experience and one I shall never forget."

Geddy is back on the road plugging his Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

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