Elephants Terrify American Tourists Eating Breakfast In Zambia

Most people who visit Africa for a safari hope to get close to some wildlife, but one group of American tourists had a close encounter that was a little too close for comfort. The group was enjoying their breakfast buffet at an open pavilion at Zambia's Marula Lodge when two adult elephants and two young ones came in to taste some of the food themselves. After sampling the various stations, the pachyderms made their way to the tables, knocking over a coffee cup and chewing on whatever they could get their trunks on. The animals broke dishes and ate toast before walking away a few minutes later.

Since elephants can be deadly, the tourists had been told to stay still and not make any sudden moves, but one still filmed the memorable situation. Others were a little more concerned about what was going on with one man telling a traveling companion to shut up and scolding them for laughing. He told her that she was endangering them and that elephants can't see them unless they hear them or catch them moving, which isn't really true.

The video was shot a few years ago but is once again making the rounds.

The lodge is set up along a route the elephants typically take so guests have an opportunity to see the creatures up close, but sometimes they get really close.

The Marula Lodge has since put up electric tape around their dining pavilion to keep elephants out.

Photo: YouTube