Would you drink at a bar that gives regulars preferential treatment?

If you ever find yourself in the English town of Stockton-On-Tees and care to stop into the The Teal Arms pub for a quick ale, you better be willing to wait a while. The owner of the pub posted a sign on the bar making it very clear that he appreciates the regular patrons who have kept him in business, so therefore they will always be served first.

The sign reads, "If an old bloke sat at the bar gets served before you do, and the bartender knows him by name and even seems to know what he's drinking before he orders it, just shut up. That's Bob. Bob drinks here all the time." It continues, "Bob and the other regulars keep the pub open 11 months of the year whilst you're having dinner parties and bulk-buying booze from the supermarket. Yes, they get preferential treatment."

Some visitors don't appreciate the sign and call it unprofessional, but the owner clearly doesn't care.

(The Sun)


It's not like I get to England often, but I think this pub owner may be onto something. Would you hang out at a place where the regulars get this kind of attention?


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