WATCH: Yankees Fans Think Cole Was Heckled Too Much In The Bullpen

Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Photo: Getty Images

Yankee fans are outraged by a video that shows New York Yankee ace Gerrit Cole warming up in the bullpen for the wild card game at Fenway Park as he gets heckled by Sox fans.

Brendan Kuty posted the video to Twitter saying, "Imagine doing your job while people are literally 2 feet away and hurling personal insults and cursing at you. I'm not saying Cole isn't used to it at this point. I'm saying it was eye-opening to experience."

Fans can be seen holding up a Kermit The Frog puppet, in reference to Cole's voice, and Spider Tack, to rattle the $324 million man. He looks fine, apparently he's aware of the bitter rivalry between Boston and New York and that Yankees fans give it right back. Ask Alex Verdugo!

Check out the video and the hilarious comments from Sox fans to the tweet...

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