MS Senator asked to come up with legislation aimed at gun violence.

Mississippi's Roger Wicker is one of three senators in Washington facing a big job - coming up with legislation aimed at gun violence that both Republicans and Democrats can support. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell named Wicker and two other Republican committee chairmen to try to find a solution to protect communities without infringing on constitutional rights. Wicker says it has to be something that can pass the Senate and the House and get the president's approval. 

The following is from Wicker's office:


U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today released the following statement after being asked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to join a group of Senate committee chairmen who will consider bipartisan, bicameral legislation to address gun violence after the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio:

“Gayle and I were horrified to hear of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and we grieve for the victims and their families. We unequivocally condemn these acts of violence and the bigotry, hatred, and cowardice that motivated them. Were it not for the bravery of the first responders, more innocent lives would have been lost. We thank the heroes in law enforcement and those on the scene who ran into harm’s way, saving lives. This morning President Trump called upon Congress to address gun violence, and Senate Republicans are taking action. This afternoon Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked Chairman Graham of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Alexander of the Senate HELP Committee, and me to work within our jurisdictions to help protect communities without infringing on Americans’ constitutional rights. It will be important for any solution we consider to be able to pass the Senate and the House and earn the president’s signature.”

To view Leader McConnell’s statement click here.


School officials in Clinton say there was no thought given to postponing Monday's active shooter exercise after the mass murders in Texas and Ohio over the weekend. In fact, the school superintendent says those tragedies in El Paso and Dayton underscored the need for such a drill. The full-scale exercise simulated an active shooter at one of Clinton's elementary schools, using teenage volunteers playing the role of younger students. 

There seems to be a lot of interest in Mississippi's primaries today. State election officials say there's been an increase of more than five-thousand in the number of absentee ballots requested compared to four years ago. Those votes usually make up about five percent of the overall turnout. In 2015, more than 578-thousand votes were cast in the primaries but that was only about 32 percent of the eligible voters.

An organization that mailed out flyers attacking a couple of legislative candidates in Mississippi is in trouble for failing to register with the state and provide a financial report. The Center for Public Accountability lists a Flowood address. It could face an investigation by the Mississippi Ethics Commission and a fine of up to five-thousand dollars for each violation.

Canton City Alderman Andrew Grant entered a plea of guilty Monday in a case that charged him with voter fraud. As part of Grant's plea deal, he was sentenced to five years in prison. However, the sentence was immediately suspended, which could mean Grant will not have to serve any prison time. Grant also announced that he would resign his position as Alderman of Ward 7 in the City of Canton. Grant is one of five people charged with trying to influence the Canton municipal election in 2017.

New information released by the Drug Enforcement Agency reveals that a flood of opioid pain pills into the state of Mississippi is responsible for widespread addiction and hundreds of deaths. The study examined the years between 2006 through 2012. It found that over 850 million pills entered into the state during that period. The report concluded that opioid abuse in the state of Mississippi has reached epidemic proportions.



According to some insurance industry number-crunchers, car thieves are definitely targeting muscle cars these days, with the Dodge Charger HEMI topping the list and getting stolen five times more often than the average car.

Beyond that, other muscle cars, some foreign luxury cars and a couple big trucks also made the list.

Here’s a rundown of the most frequently stolen cars in America:

  1. Dodge Charger HEMI
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  3. Infiniti QX50 4-door
  4. Infiniti QX80
  5. GMC Sierra 1500 crew-cab
  6. Dodge Challenger
  7. Nissan Maxima
  8. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew-cab
  9. Chrysler 300
  10. Mercedes-Benz S-Class 4-door

The BMW 3-series four-door is the least likely car to get boosted, with two different Tesla models rounding out the bottom three. (USA Today)



Thick beards have been so popular for so long that the razor industry is really getting squeezed.Amazingly, the U.S. market for men’s shaving products has shrunk by over 11 percent in the past five years.Of course, guys who are growing out their beards are happy to save money on blades and razors. But, the companies who make those blades and razors are hoping this trend turns around quickly. Or, at the very least, doesn’t get any worse. (Fox Business)


Generation Lonely? A new survey has found that Millennials are the loneliest generation. According to the survey, 27% of Millennials have no close friends, 25% have no “acquaintances” and 22% say they have no friends at all. Only 9 percent of Baby Boomers and 15 percent of Gen Xers reported having no friends. 33% of the Millennials surveyed also reported feeling lonely often or always, compared with 20% of Gen Xers and 15% of Baby Boomers.

But it’s not all bad news …  49% of Millennials said they had one to four “close friends” and 70% said they had at least one “best friend.” And 38% of Millennials said they had made a new friend in the last six months. (NY Post)

Michael Harrell walked into a U.S. Bank branch on Cleveland's east side last week and passed a note to the teller informing her that he intended to rob the place -- a tactic that netted him $206 in cash and a guaranteed arrest. The 54-year-old ensured he'd be caught by writing his heist note on an application from Ohio's Department of Motor Vehicles -- complete with his name, address and phone number.


The first week of school can be rough for a lot of children, especially younger kids and those new to the school. Six-year-old Blake Rajahn of Fayetteville, Georgia, was well aware of this when he decided to do something to help his classmates feel welcome on the first day of school.In honor of Blake's first day of school, his mother, Nikki, offered to make him a custom shirt. He could have put any sport or other hobby on that shirt. But instead, he asked if she would make him a shirt that read, “I will be your friend.”The orange T-shirt with green text ended up being a welcoming message to all the kids who saw Blake, and let them know that he was there for them.

The shirt was such a hit that people began contacting Nikki through Facebook and ordering the shirts for their kids. Nikki is making the shirts and sending them out -- and donating some of the proceeds to a local shelter that helps families in need.

Because of Blake’s simple idea, kids all over are spreading kindness in their schools and money is being donated to those who need it most. (WCNC-TV)


It’s not too late to take a summer vacation … A new survey found that 51% of Americans haven’t been on vacation in over a year. And 36% said they hadn’t been on a real vacation in two years. Only 42% of Americans said they would be taking a summer vacation this year, the lowest rating since 2013.

The reason? 44% of survey respondents said they couldn’t afford to travel, 20% said they couldn’t take time off due to personal obligations and 10% said planning a vacation was too stressful and time-consuming. (Best Life)


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