$10-million wrongful death suit in Moss Point.

A ten-million-dollar wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in the wake of a fatal police shooting in Moss Point last week. An attorney for the family of Toussaint Sims announced the filing Monday against the city of Moss Point, Mayor Mario King, Police Chief Brandon Ashley and the officer accused in the shooting. The suit is asking for ten-million-dollars in compensatory and punitive damages. Attorney Carlos Moore claims that on the night of August 8th, while Sims was attempting to flee police, that he was unarmed and posed no imminent threat to police officers. An official police report claims Sims displayed a weapon in a threatening manner toward police.


At least one person is dead in Australia after an apparent random stabbing attack along a street in Sydney's central business district. Witnesses say the suspect shouted "God is great" in Arabic and stabbed a woman in the back with a butcher's knife. He was restrained by three passersby until police arrived. Authorities say the suspect had a USB drive in his possession with information about mass casualty crimes overseas, including in the U.S. and New Zealand. 

Mississippi's new school safety law is less than two months old and already the State Department of Education is talking about making some changes. The law isn't specific as to the type of active shooter exercise the schools are required to hold. They have to conduct two exercises each year but the basic lockdown drills that many of them have already been doing meet the state requirements. The Department of Education is recommending that one of the exercises be a full-scale simulation of an active shooter - and next year, it'll be asking the legislature to put that into the law.

The Mississippi Department of Health has confirmed two more cases of the West Nile virus in the state. The latest were reported in Forrest and Lamar counties. That brings the total number of cases in Mississippi to five for the year 2019. Three cases were reported in July in Smith, Hinds and Copiah counties. State health officials are urging everyone to act now to reduce their risk of infection. The West Nile virus is transmitted by mosquito bites. People should wear insect repellent containing DEET when going outside.

The NFL regular season kicks off in just a few weeks and one of the games best wide receivers -- Antonio Brown -- hasn’t been able to practice and probably won’t be starting in Week 1… because of frostbite on his feet.In case you missed it, Brown somehow messed up his feet when he went into one of those crazy cryotherapy chambers -- which is one of the weirdest injuries ever suffered by an NFL player.Well, wouldn’t you know it? He’s also on the cover of Madden ’20, which means the Madden Curse is alive and well.But it gets worse. Antonio Brown shares this cover with a little logo for a piece of software used in the game -- called Frostbite. The word “frostbite” is literally on the cover underneath Brown’s picture.What are the odds? (USA Today)



Here are some fun facts about lefties:

  • 15 percent of the population is left-handed.
  • Some famous lefties: Presidents Obama, Clinton, George H.W. Bush., and Reagan; The Queen of England, Prince Charles and Prince William; Oprah, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, Ringo Star, Angelina Jolie, Tina Fey and Justin Bieber.
  • 50 percent of dogs are left pawed: Research has found that half of dogs favor their left paw over their right.
  • Lefties are thought to be more creative: While there’s no scientific proof, many left-handed people follow careers in the arts.
  • It’s not genetic … at least not entirely: Scientists think that your dominant hand is completely random because studies have shown that many twins have opposite handedness.
  • Mothers over 40 are more likely to have left-handed babies: A study found that babies of moms over 40 are twice as likely to be lefties.
  • Lefties like to drink more than righties: Cheers to the left-handed, because according to an international survey, they drink more than their right-handed peers.
  • Left-handed people make better athletes: It has everything to do with right-handed people being unable to effectively react and anticipate your movements.
  • Most left-handed people learn to be ambidextrous: Not because they want to, but because they have to. It’s a right-handed world. (Good Housekeeping)


What’s the best fast food burger? According to a study by Market Force, West Coast favorite In-N-Out is the most popular burger, with a 73% overall customer satisfaction. Second was Five Guys with 68%, Midwest chain Culver’s (67%) came in third, Texas fav Whataburger was fourth at 58% and Smash Burger rounded out the Top 5 with 54%. (CBS News


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