Update on Camp Shelby incident, new choices for health care, and more...

An Army unit from Alaska is preparing to resume training at Camp Shelby Mississippi after Wednesday night's ill-fated parachute jump that sent more than 20 soldiers to the hospital.  Despite initial reports that a gust of wind may have blown nearly 90 paratroopers into some trees, their commander, Colonel Christopher Landers, says an investigation into the cause of the accident is continuing. The soldiers wound up hundreds of yards from their intended drop zone. The National Weather Service says there wasn't any stormy weather in the Hattiesburg area when the accident occurred. Most of the paratroopers taken to Forrest General Hospital were treated and released and the hospital's trauma medical director says all of them are expected to make a full recovery.

A second health insurer has announced it will offer coverage to people in Mississippi who have insurance under the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obama Care. Molina Healthcare of Mississippi will be an option for people in 19 counties seeking coverage through the federal health insurance marketplace. For most of 2019, Ambetter from Magnolia Health was the only insurer in Mississippi available through the Affordable Care Act.

The former deputy tax collector of Pearl River County has been arrested and charged with embezzlement. In an indictment issued Thursday, Stacy Treadaway was accused of manipulating computer software that enabled her to steal public funds when property taxes and car tags were paid with cash. Investigators say Treadaway embezzled over seven-thousand dollars between 2017 and 2018.

Four Louisiana businessmen have entered guilty pleas to charges of conspiring to bribe a former Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner and the current Sheriff of Kemper County. The pay-to-play scheme dated back to 2014, when prosecutors say the four paid bribes in an attempt to secure lucrative contracts with the state prison system with respect to commissary and inmate calling services. A sentencing hearing has been set for February 10, 2020.

A man who helped to lead the search for a new chancellor at Ole Miss is getting the job himself. And even before the State College Board makes it official later today, it's coming under fire for choosing Glenn Boyce and for the process it went through to reach the decision. Boyce served three years as Mississippi's Commissioner of Higher Education but has no experience in leading a university, although he spent nine years as president of Holmes Community College. And he had been hired as a consultant in the Ole Miss search working for the university's private foundation. Boyce will replace Jeffrey Vitter who resigned in January.

The University of Mississippi is set to crown its first Homecoming King tomorrow night during halftime ceremonies. Carl Tart, a six-foot-five-inch African American from Yazoo City, won the prestigious honor in a campus wide run-off election on September 19th, by getting 57-point-five-percent of the votes. Ole Miss is the latest among several Mississippi Universities that have added homecoming king or "Mr." titles to royalty courts in the past few years.

Jones College in Ellisville has been named "The Best Two-Year College" in Mississippi in a recent ranking by the Mississippi Business Journal. The number one ranking was based on a variety of considerations including the 100-percent pass rate on the NCLX-RN nursing exam, three students earning Gold Medals in the National Skills USA competitions and the schools newspaper, The Radionian, winning first place in the two-year college category.

How early is too early to put up Christmas decorations? A new survey found that more than 43% of respondents said it’s OK to put up holiday decorations before November 1st. And 57% say they start their holiday shopping before November 1st. (SWNS)

More signs the holidays are coming … Disney is selling a massive $200 Frozen 2 castle. (Insider) And starting on November 6th, McDonald’s will be offering Cinnamon Cookie Lattes. (The Takeout)

No more Cheetos fingers … Amazon is selling finger covers – which will keep your fingers free of orange dust as you enjoy your favorite Cheetos snack. Of course they are not just limited to Cheetos. The Chip Fingers will keep your fingers free from all manner of chip residue – including grease and salt. (Diply)

TOPIC: Standing in Line

A new study found that drive-thru wait times have increased an average of 20 seconds over the past year. So, instead of getting better, things are getting worse.How impatient do you get waiting in lines -- and how willing are you to make a run for it if it looks like you’ll be waiting a while?Once you’re in a line, do you just ride the storm out? Or … Are you quick to push the eject button?


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