CDC admits communist flu not a threat to most people: Washington Examiner

The head of the CDC admits 75% of deaths from the communist flu were people with four or more comorbidities so why are we letting fearmongers destroy our society?

Kaylee McGhee White reports:

Just look at the death statistics. Healthy people without serious conditions, regardless of their vaccination statuses, rarely suffer serious cases of COVID-19. In fact, a recent study by the CDC found that only 5% of COVID-19 deaths listed the virus as the only cause of death. That means the other 95% were caused by some other condition, such as obesity, heart disease, or cancer, along with COVID-19.
The data prove an immune system that has not been compromised and is taken care of is capable of withstanding the virus. Those who are at risk are free to take whatever protective measures they feel are necessary. But everyone else needs to get on with their lives and stop letting fear of a virus paralyze society.

Meanwhile a top epidemiologist named Professor John Ioannidis (Stanford University) just published a new study concluding the survival rate of people under the age of 20 who catch COVID is 99.9987%.

The data used from the study was taken before the advent of mass vaccination programs, meaning the numbers apply to unvaccinated people.
Ioannidis previously published an analysis of seroprevalence (antibody) studies from 2020, which resulted in him being able to reveal that the infection fatality rate for COVID globally was around 0.15%. In Europe, the number stood at 0.3%-0.4% , while in Africa and Asia it went down to 0.05%.
Now the professor has published new information that breaks down infection fatality rates by age.
“From analysis of 25 seroprevalence surveys across 14 countries, Prof. Ioannidis and his colleague found the IFR varied from 0.0013% in the under-20s (around one in 100,000) to 0.65% in those in their 60s,” writes Will Jones.
For those above 70 not in a care home it was 2.9%, rising to 4.9% for all over-70s. This means that even for the elderly, more than 95% of those infected survive – 97.1% when considering those not in a care home. For younger people the mortality risk is orders of magnitude less, with 99.9987% of under-20s surviving a bout of the virus. These survival rates include people with underlying health conditions, so for the healthy the rates will be higher again (and the fatality rates lower).”
The authors of the study concluded that the data reflects the reality that the infection fatality rate of COVID is substantially lower than previously reported estimates.

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