Watch: That Time Steve Perry Led The World Series Crowd In Journey Songs

Via I was scrolling through Twitter the other night as I watched another sparsely attended Red Sox game because of covid restrictions, when I came across these incredible Steve Perry videos.

The former lead singer of Journey is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, so when they made it to the 2010 National League Championship Series, and then The World Series, he was ecstatic, and he was there. But like a real fan, he's not up in some private suite sipping white wine, he's down in the crowd in section 219 with choice seats near the bathroom exit.

When they played Journey songs during commercial breaks, the camera person picked him out of the crowd, and once he went up on the scoreboard, he started leading the stadium in a sing along of, "Don't Stop Believin' and "Lights." Everybody went nuts, including him. In an interview later he said the experience reignited his interest in making music again,

“I can’t put into words what the Giants have done for me emotionally. It’s beyond words. In a lot of ways, they’ve saved me and they’ve gotten me back into music, to be perfectly honest with you. They touched me in a way that made me excited about music again.”

Watch the clips and you can see why. He's having more fun than the crowd!