WATCH: G.B.I Releases Music Video For Cover Of Bad Brains "The Regulator"

Photo: Chad Tyson

G.B.I. had released a music video for their #RSD24 cover of the Bad Brains song "The Regulator!"

I know you probably have some questions, so let me try to answer them here real quick.

Who is G.B.I.?

G.B.I. is a band featuring Dave Grohl on drums and vocals, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante on bass, and his bandmate Scott Ian on guitar.

Why did they decide to cover that song for RSD?

Proceeds from the Record Store Day release they put out this weekend (which I was lucky enough to score a copy of) go to benefit Bad Brains singer, Paul "H.R." Hudson, who has been suffering for the past decade from a rare headache disorder known as SUNCT syndrome.

Where can I watch this music video?

Check it out below or on Youtube.

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