Changing Standards and Attention to Detail, IATW Hockey Team and more with Chip Myrah

EP43: Interview with Richard Williams from Kansas

Richard Williams from Kansas calls in to talk about their 50th Anniversary Tour, the new "Another Fork in the Road" compilation album that came out in December which features a re-recording of a classic Kansas track, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and much more!

EP42: Steve Vai Interview

Steve Vai calls in to talk about his new album, VAI/GASH, which after sitting on the shelf for the past 30+ years, is finally out! It features lead vocals from the late Johnny "GASH" Sombrotto, and this episode is ALL about him and the record.

Changing Military Career Fields, The IATW Hockey Team, & Transitioning to Civilian Life with Tristan Wenzig

USAF Veteran Tristan Wenzig joins us to talk about changing career fields in the military, some of the deployments he was on during his time in the service which included Spain, the IATW hockey team, and much more.

The Comradery Within IATW and More with Josh Costello

Marine Corps veteran Josh Costello joins us to talk about the importance of the comradery within IATW, his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more.

IATW Hockey Team, GI Bill, and More with Justin Decroo

Justin Decroo joins us to talk about his time in Afghanistan with the USAF, the IATW Hockey Team, GI Bill, and more. We also take a look at some of the events IATW has planned for 2023 and beyond!

Burn Pit Registry, PTSD, and More with Army Veteran Jason Wylie

US Army Veteran Jason Wylie joins us on this episode to talk about his tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat medic, the Burn Pit Registry, PTSD, and much more.

Getting to Know "Creek and Timber Legacy" with Randy & Jackie Kluj

Army Veterans Randy and Jackie Kluj join us on this episode to talk about their time in the military as helicopter pilots and their new non-profit venture in the Pittsburgh area, a new branch of Creek and Timber Legacy.

EP41: Bret Michaels Interview

Bret Michaels calls in to announce his 2023 Party Gras Mardi Gras Tour! We also talk about the new song he's releasing next year, some TV specials he is involved with, and much more.

PTSD and Getting Female Veterans Involved with Luke & Kayla O’Neill

Kayla O'Neill (USAF) and her husband Luke (US Army) join us to talk about PTSD, getting female veterans involved in the foundation, and more.